Sally's Property Solutions

Can't sell your property ? You've been on the market for several months, had some viewings, but no decent offers ? Something must be wrong !

How can I help you ? I offer a personal advisory service on ways to make your property more attractive to that elusive buyer. It may only need some minor tweaks or maybe a little more to make that important difference towards producing a positive result. Have you already found the house you want to buy and don't want to lose it ? Then quick action is vital, before someone else grabs it – it won't sit and wait for you.

On a personal note, I ran my own independent estate agency for several years which involved viewing many dozens of properties. I have a broad understanding of the business practice. I have personally renovated three properties, each of which sold on the first or second viewing at the asking price. So I have first hand knowledge on how to make that sale.

Contact me to discuss my fee and how we can discuss your ‘improvements’ budget. I offer an advisory service on how to make your property more attractive to that elusive buyer. I will inspect the general presentation of your property when every room and outside space will be given detailed attention. Within 1 week you will receive a brochure containing budget suggestions to make the decor of your home more appealing to purchasers. You will be amazed how relatively minor tweaking can improve the look of your property. I am completely independent and have no connection to any other company or estate agency.

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