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Tip of the Month

Radiators are not beautiful things and can break up an attractive decor. Paint them the same colour as the walls or pick out a colour in the wallpaper. (There is no smell and ordinary emulsion is fine). Immediately, they are 'lost' and no longer an unattractive, dominant feature. (I even paint power points and sockets !).

Quick Tips: If the idea of asking for my help appeals to you, can I suggest that you start looking around – ask friends and family – who they would recommend to undertake painting and decorating or repair work. Then you will be prepared to swing into action if we decide that some cosmetic work will do wonders. Don’t worry, I DON’T expect you to take on the cost and upheaval of any major work – what is the point if you are planning to move ?

This might seem obvious, but if you haven’t done so already, get some removal company quotes. When you have made my suggested tweaks, you could be completely thrown when the next person coming through your door is keen to buy. I promise you this can and does happen. Then you are thrown into an action panic – especially if they want to move in, in a very short space of time. So have everything in place for that long awaited move. We know that a house move is extremely stressful, so let’s try to take the stress out of it.

An important thought, if your agent says your buyer is ‘cash’, it’s crucial that you investigate this further. Does ‘cash’ really mean they have bulging pockets, don’t need a mortgage, nothing to sell – then they are like gold dust so don’t let them slip away. It’s worth up to £5K off your asking price to sell to them. Don’t forget, they have no financial constraints so will be seriously hunting to buy. Don’t be too picky about a moving date, try and go with the date they want. Remember – they are like gold dust.

If you decide to take up my offer of help, I can probably make other suggestions to help your move, depending on your particular situation. I do not encroach on your estate agent in any way. Finding your buyer is their job, mine is just to help that process along.

Finally, if you have already found your dream home, but have some reservations I would be happy to view it with you. It may be that you are deterred by some feature or features – well I can see beyond that and would be able to make suggestions how things could be remedied. I have done just that with three properties. Most problems can be overcome. If something is just too big a problem and you have to reject that property – it’s a million times better to find out before you buy. (This viewing would be subject to a negotiated fee).

I hope I have given you some useful things to think about.

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